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Sensor and Iot Industry Association (SIA)

Sensors and IoT Industry Association (SIA) is established under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. With the support from association member units and related industry associations, the resources brought by industry-university-research collaboration, SIA serves to speed up core technology R & D in IoT industry, including sensor design, industrial intelligence and cyber physical system (CPS). In addition, SIA also aims to speed up the standardization of IoT industry core technologies and key products.

SIA defines the application of sensors and intelligent systems in the fields of industry and robotics, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, biomedical engineering, and promote the industry to develop towards micromation, intelligence, multi-sensor information fusion, intercommunication, as well as safe and energy-saving designs.

General Objectives

Based on sensor and IoT applications, SIA is established to drive rapid market growth in the fields of manufacturing and robotics, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, biomedical engineering, smart city, smart agriculture and other smart industries.

Focus Area


Work Content of the Association

  • Standardization Committee responsible for technology standards establishment on sensors and IoT applications including consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics and intelligent manufacturing, etc.
  • Building up an industry-university-research cooperation platform to speed up core technology R & D in Sensors & IoT industry.
  • training and assessment programs for senior professional and technical personnel in the industries of sensor, CPS and IoT.
  • public service platform covering the applications of hardware, software and system integration, to introduce, invest and incubate SIA members with advanced core technologies.
  • professional reports on industry, market and technology analysis, in parallel with various consulting programs offered.
  • Access to International industrial exhibitions, forums and summits held regularly by SIA.