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January 2021 Innovation Online Composite Index brief: Rising price wave after wave, digital isolator connected to MCU

On February 20, 2021, Beijing Innovation Online Network Technology Co., Ltd. officially released the January 2021 innovation online Composite Index brief. The briefing begins with a review of the IC Industry’s January events. Global semiconductor sales in January were $35.4 billion, down 0.3 percent from $36.2 billion in January last year. In January, IC giants have been moving. On January 11, it was reported that Intel is considering outsourcing some chips to TSMC to take advantage of the latter’s most advanced processes, such as 7nm, 5nm and so on. Qualcomm has agreed to buy NUVIA, a two-year-old high-performance server chip startup, for $1.4 billion. On January 25, Samsung will invest $17 billion (about 110.1 billion yuan) to build a foundry in the United States. January 26 news, in 2021 at the Two sessions in Shanghai, Shanghai Development and Reform Commission submitted a report revealed that Shanghai will strive for 12nm advanced process integrated circuit mass production this year.

In 2020, the “domino effect” caused by tight wafer capacity and rising raw materials gradually spread, in December last year, many IC factories have issued price increases notice. From January 1, 2021, the original chip price increase of ST, Diodes, Renesas, Fuman Microelectronics, New Jie Neng, Hua Microelectronics and other formally began to take effect.

STM32F103C8T6 has been searched nearly 29,000 times in a single month among the TOP10 models in IC transaction network in January. STM32F103C8T6’s leading position is unshakable, and the search for digital isolator has increased greatly

ST accounted for six of the TOP10 models searched on IC trade website in January. 32-bit MCU and 8-bit MCU remain the most popular IC in the market, occupying 8 positions in the list, followed by digital isolators. STM32F103C8T6, Italy and France, has been searched nearly 29,000 times in a month, and its leading position is unassailable. In the automotive, medical, industrial, consumer electronics and other market demand, Ardeno and TI digital isolators also successfully ranked in the top 10.

In January IC trading network hot search TOP10 model price index, IC price rise wave is not flat wave, digital isolator rod MCU

In January out of stock, prices are still IC industry theme, but relative to last December, MCU, PMIC, power semiconductor AND other IC has declined. In January, 32-bit and 8-bit MICROcontrollers remained the most popular IC in the market, but the average MCU growth was still over 20%. In January in the automotive, medical, industrial control, consumer electronics and other market demand, digital isolator market demand surged, ADM2587EBRWZ price rose 77.8%, Texas Instruments ISO1050DUBR price rose 34.8%.

In December, IC trading network hot TOP10 model inventory index, power management IC demand rose, inventory fell sharply

In January IC trading network inventory fluctuation model TOP10, the core source LED driver chip inventory rose the largest, followed by Deyi switch regulator and Hexai 8-bit MCU; Under the huge demand of MCU market, simco 8-bit MCU inventory declined the most, Dei RS-485 interface IC and power management IC market demand also rose sharply, supplier inventory decreased rapidly.

IC trading network will continue to monitor the trend of demand, price and inventory changes in IC popular IC models, through the demand, price and inventory changes and other professional data formed by the special research report, effectively support platform suppliers easier to do business, to provide purchasing managers with more comprehensive supply and demand and price data.

For more details, please download “January IC Trading network innovation online composite index analysis briefing” (complete version) (extract code: ZWBM) or contact IC trading network “innovation online composite index” research institute, Mr. Xia, contact telephone: 18779128287.

About IC Trading network “Innovation Online Composite Index”

The Innovation Online Composite Index is a set of data systems for online component transactions, which can reflect prices, shipments, inventory and market demand by time. It is a must-have cloud component purchasing tool for purchasing managers, not only providing a price for a product model, but also making purchasing decisions based on changing trends. The data system corresponds to the international general supply and demand data of components and is suitable for purchasing managers to import the international procurement management process. The data system will extend to demand, shipment and price changes for technical solutions and modules, supporting component selection and design innovation. The Innovation Online Composite Index integrates the inventory information and transaction big data of its IC Trading network and ICGOO two platforms, and is updated daily and can be queried at any time in accordance with the collection practice of international component procurement supply and demand data. It not only covers the price of ten-thousand-level component models commonly used around the world, inventory data from platform suppliers and models searched by users, but also helps purchasing managers find the right supplier.